Who is a Warrior? Let your Daily Devotions guide the way!

We all have our battles, regardless of occupation or status, age or maturity. Daily devotions from each page of Warriors of Peace is designed as a Christian life coach to help you grow in your faith and your walk with God. The site's Christian books and Christian devotions will help you take on a warrior mindset as we go through the battles of daily life, anchored in our walk with God, in-tune with His inspired words, to emerge victoriously. Each devotion is self-contained with readings, scenarios, prayer, and work area to help tailor and focus your personal walk with God.

You will discover:

- Fresh live scenarios with truth-based solutions.

- Confidence through new tools and habits to meet your challenges in relationships.

- How to effectively engage and count for God’s kingdom.

- How to navigate through the mind-fields of any environment – work, school, home, war.

- Growth in intimacy and greater peace with God as mentor.

- Straight talk with God to light your path and arena.

Be empowered to walk with God victoriously in YOUR life TODAY – devoted to the Master.

Warriors of Peace, Devotions for the Daily Battles of Life has arrived! Order your copy from Just Bookz through our Press Room below. and Thank you!

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Relationship with God
Relationship with God
Walk with God
based on obedience, to Walk with God is our life challenge as Christians
Daily Devotions
Daily Devotions - provides fresh, live scenarios, tools to grow in intimacy and greater peace with God.
Christian Cafe
have you ever wondered about a real Christian Cafe?
Onward Christian Soldiers
Building and employing a Warrior mindset for the offensive and defensive
Prayers of Warriors
Have you ever used the prayers God has recorded to talk with Him?
Warrior Songs
Songs of Admiration and Affirmations
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Knowing God's Will for you
how can we know God's will for us?