Christian Cafe

Christian fellowship is a critical concept in our walk of obedience and growing fellowship with God. Christian socialization, education, entertainment and edification are all important aspects of our fellowship, collectively to the end points of strengthening and sharing fo our faith.

Through the centuries, God has used his people to build one another up, exhorting one another, and so much the more, as we see the day of Christ's return approaching.

Christian Fellowship is where we observe God's working and moving in the lives of real people - each of us! Christian churches provide the nucleus of guidance as the venue and organization for growth, Christian education and Christian training, unto the ministries of the greater church.

Proper venue and curriculum for Christian homeschooling is also here where we learn the leadership actions such as Christian unity, stewardship, and world vision; and where we fit in service to God and his kingdom.


Hebrews 10.25