Daily Devotions keep our minds locked on simple purity of devotion to Christ

Daily Devotions are more than our fervent dedication to our regional or school sports team. Daily Devotions vector us to be dedicated to God as the ultimate in devotion. It’s part of the vital process of growing in relationship with God that distinguishing factor between Christianity and religion. It’s also vital to maturing in our walk and understanding God’s goals and desires for each of us while on earth.

Our devotional life is also critical to both encouraging fellow believers and moving onward as soldiers of our faith in the battles of life and against the strategies and plays of the devil. Our Devotional Life builds fervent devotion to Christ and simultaeously counters the power of the angel of darkness.

So what's a devotional? And how do I have a devotional? Check out Warriors of Peace, the book. Join us and register for one of our upcoming free seminars, and subscribe to our e-zine. Devotionals are a quest for Christians young and old.

This single habit alleviates many of the problems and battles in our lives! As Paul stated, I fear that the serpent corrupt your minds from simple devotion to Christ

2 Corinthians 11.3