Onward Christian Soldiers - Sharing and Strengthening

The Christian warrior is personally founded first in the love of God through Christ, to share and strengthen others in this love and relational walk with God. Although the "Warrior of Peace" may from time to time be engaged as a fighting professional for one's national security needs, this tasking is not their sole and single motive of service, as stated above.

So what does a soldier or other military member or athlete or professional do with their training? Is it different from any other occupation? All training leads to action toward desired outcomes. As an adopted child and citizen of God’s Kingdom, one of our roles is to convey His love and eternal plan to others! – with the intent of Kingdom growth and glory through nation building.

Coupled with Sharing is Strengthening - for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, as though it would seem. So we need to learn how to do battle with a victory plan, with the proper enemy, through our warrior, determined mindset, defensive gear, and offensive elements of Christian evangelism. All to ensure we have the proper kitbag with the necessary tools for discipleship and Christian ministries.

We will explore several capabilities in each of the three elements. The Roman Road is one of these and uses verses from Romans to explain the Gospel to others. We’ll develop an outline for our own personal Testimonial or life-changing story, along with growing in strength through daily battles and putting on a warrior mindset…essential success criteria for all walks of life.


Ephesians 6.12