Our Relationship with God

From the beginning unto eternity, God offers a relationship with Him – personally. From the Bible we are introduced to Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, the personification of His glory, and the invitation to become part of His adopted family through the sealing of the Holy Spirit. As in any family, there is a birthing process, as we see in How to Become a Christian. From that point on, we grow to know God in His breadth and depth, with greater understanding, as we set aside a daily Quiet Time or Appointment with God. Listen as He speaks through His word and talk with Him through prayer. Our relationship deepens as we grow.

This growth comes with attitude adjustments as we listen, talk, and obey, growing in taking on His virtues and values, and translating them into a Walk with God that others may see Him through our own lives – that they, too may enter into a relationship with God and have the assured hope of eternal life with Him. Daily Devotions will also lead us through the battles of understanding and application to become a child that is pleasing to Him, and brings glory to Him.