To Walk with God

Crawl then walk with God, then run! is how we move down the trail of life as a Christian. As physically, so spiritually, there is a time for each movement. Founded on our Relationship with God through Christ, we learn how to obediently walk, even as He walked.

Where do we start? In Christian Boot Camp, of course! where we learn the basics of the obedient life in Christ. As we became "born again" when we asked Christ to enter our heart, we find through our Daily Devotions the true meaning of Abiding in Christ, Forgiveness, Hope, Peace, and Christian Love, as Warriors of Peace.

We return Back to the Bible to learn how to use it as our daily training and operations manual.

It is also here that we learn the Prayer Principle - what prayer is, what to say, how to listen, how to watch for answers, all combined with the assurances of answers. The psalmist said, "I love You because You hear my voice" (Psalm 116, verse 2).

The outcome circles back to our Relationship with God and through lessons of life in our Daily Devotions. Teaching occurs in the classroom, but training occurs on the battlefields of life, as we learn experientially, and as we minister and let our light SO shine, one to another.